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Tuesday, October 29

8:45am PDT

4-A: Celebrating Your Success - California PBIS Recognition 2019-2020  Esquire IMAX TheatreLuke Anderson • Ginny Joseph • Kami Murphy 4-B: The Classroom is Where it is At Hyatt Regency - Regency ADaniele Snider, Ed.D • Jessica Hadley, MA • Karly Lenninger 4-C: Addressing Issues of Buy-in, Exploration and Adoption Hyatt Regency - Regency BKen Rugg • Dr. Josh Harrower, Ph. D., BCBA-D 4-D: High Leverage Classroom Practices Hyatt Regency - Regency CDr. Jessica Swain-Bradway 4-E: Strengthening Your Tier 2 Implementation: Using Fidelity Measures to Promote Growth in Tier 2 Implementation Hyatt Regency - Regency DCeleste Rossetto Dickey 4-F: A PBIS Journey of Success and Sustainability Hyatt Regency - Regency EValarie Applegate 4-G: Compassion Fatigue and Burnout-Strategies for the PBIS Provider Hyatt Regency - Regency FDr. Melissa L. Holland 4-H: A Framework for the Unconventional: Lessons and Adaptations Learned from Scaling Up PBIS in Special Education  Hyatt Regency - Golden State ABTheresa Prestedge • Sarah Brunkhorst • Cassandra Flowers 4-I: Making the Link between PBIS and Cultural Competency via TFI Hyatt Regency - Carmel ABAdriel Briscoe • Jorge Melgoza • Pedro Inzunza Arroyo 4-J: Coaching for Impact: A PBIS Walkthrough Journey Toward Equity and Excellence Hyatt Regency - Big Sur ABDr. Kathrine Morillo-Shone • Dr. Michael Chavez • Sharon Pon • Ashley Hedrick 4-K: Getting your youngest students on board with PBIS! Hyatt Regency - TahoeCathy Traut-Hessom

10:15am PDT

1:00pm PDT

6-A: Neutralizing Routines: Strategies to Interrupt Snap-judgment Responses for Staff and Students Esquire IMAX TheatreDr. Kent McIntosh 6-B: Enhancing Mindfulness to Reduce Educator Burnout Hyatt Regency - Regency AJodie Soracco 6-C: Social Emotional Learning (SEL): Do I Have It Already? Why Do I Need It? How Do I Get More of It? Hyatt Regency - Regency BKami Murphy 6-D: High Leverage Classroom Practices Hyatt Regency - Regency CDr. Jessica Swain-Bradway 6-E: Just starting PBIS? We've been there! Hyatt Regency - Regency DDr. Bert Eliason • Celeste Rossetto Dickey 6-F: Tier III Supports Within The PBIS Framework: Compare and Contrast Hyatt Regency - Regency EKerri Fulton • Mark Alfaro 6-G: Action Planning with the Tiered Fidelity Inventory and Self Assessment Survey Data to Propel PBIS Implementation Hyatt Regency - Regency FGinny Joseph • Toby Espley 6-H: The Classroom Engagement Project: Overcoming Implementation Barriers to Increase Classroom PBIS Practices and Reduce Challenging Behavior Hyatt Regency - Golden State ABTammy Goin • Alyson Gini • Kevin Smith 6-I: Laying the Foundation: Optimizing Your Current Tier II-III Referral Management Approach Hyatt Regency - Carmel ABDr. Christina Borbely • Leora Wolf-Prusan 6-J: There’s an “App” for that. How PBIS Evaluation Promotes District-wide Buy-in and Sustainability. Hyatt Regency - Big Sur ABJennifer Harms 6-K: The Science of Behavior: Behavioral Analysis Foundations of Positive Behavior Support Hyatt Regency - TahoeJanaki Rao

2:30pm PDT

7-A: CA PBIS Video Contest  Esquire IMAX TheatreKerri Fulton • Denae Rollins • Mark Alfaro • Christina Dobon 7-B: Laying the Foundation: A Journey to District Wide PBIS Implementation & Sustainability for ALL Hyatt Regency - Regency AMargie Berumen • Samantha Cazares • Sandra Ramirez 7-C: Cultivating Authentic Integration of Social-Emotional Competencies within a PBIS Framework Hyatt Regency - Regency BChristina Arpante 7-D: Let's Talk Data Hyatt Regency - Regency CKami Murphy • Kate Hazarian • Michael Lombardo 7-E: The Power of the High School Classroom Matrix: A Teacher’s Survival Guide for Empowering Students  Hyatt Regency - Regency DCristy Clouse • Barbara Kelley • Patti Hershfeldt 7-F: Disproportionality in School Discipline: How Do We Measure It and What Can We Do? Hyatt Regency - Regency EDr. Bert Eliason • Luke Anderson 7-G: Alternative Education PBIS: Building Strong Teams and Routines with Community Partners Hyatt Regency - Regency FDr. Stephanie Heflin • Lydia Machado • Tricia Simpson • Andrew D. Magallanes 7-H: Providing PBIS Technical Assistance as an External Coach: How to Support a District with Implementation Hyatt Regency - Golden State ABEleanor Purdy, M.Ed • Kevin Despard 7-I: It Takes a Village Hyatt Regency - Carmel ABDaniele Snider, Ed.D • Jessica Hadley, MA • Karly Lenninger 7-J: Building A Positive School Climate Through PBIS! Hyatt Regency - Big Sur ABAshley Trezza • Mike Allen 7-K: Staying Balanced While Coaching Best Practices: Utilizing Elena Aguilar’s Onward and The Art of Coaching Hyatt Regency - TahoeDawn Rock

4:00pm PDT

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